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10 reasons why I want to run a marathon!

‘Well, it doesn’t cost anything to try…’
‘No no, I don’t say you can’t do it but… well… you know…’
‘A marathon? Lol.’

These have been some of the reactions of the first persons to whom I told I wanted to run a marathon…
And yes, after all? Why would I do this? I am not a fast runner, I am an ex very overweight girl who for a very long time, could find any excuse to play video games or stay home with a book rather than running around in trainers. Moreover it can be painful, and I since I decided to register for a Spring marathon, I will have to do all my long runs in Winter, under the rain or in the wind…
So why did I decide to register for a marathon? The answer in 10 points!

1. Because I like to get out of my comfort zone, have a goal, and stick to it.

2. Because it will force me to run regularly during a full year, after 3 years of running three times a week in Spring / Summer, and twice a month in Autumn and Winter…

3. Because I am quite  competitive and I want to compete against my own self (running faster / further / being stronger) instead of comparing myself to people around me.

4. Because I like to follow a plan (let’s see if I still think that in one year!)

5. Because I am an introvert and can feel nervous and shy in social situations, but over the past year, I have noticed that talking about running and races helped me getting into a lot of conversations because hey! I might be slow and everything, but I f**** ran a half-marathon!

6. Because running is my ‘me time’, and while running, I feel like I have time to think and learn about myself. (And 1 year of training or a 42km race is a lot of me-time!)

7. Because it is the next step of my ‘journey to fitness’. I will write about it in another post but after spending the past 4 years making small and progressive steps towards a healthy lifestyle by losing weight, getting in a better shape, increasing my endurance, and becoming (somehow) stronger, I needed a new goal :-)

8. Because progressing week after week helps me gain self confidence and feel proud of something I am doing for me, and by myself. It has been the case with my half-marathon training last year, and no other thing in my life so far has made me feel so accomplished, capable and strong. I tend to always focus on what other people want or think first, but this marathon and this year of training are something I do 100% for me. Because I don’t care if anyone think I can’t or won’t do it. I want to run a marathon, and I will train hard to make it happen!

9. Because maybe, along the way, I will manage to inspire and motivate someone who needs it. I come from very very far and if I can do it, anyone can do it!

10. And obviously… because of the medal :-)

In addition to these 10 reasons, which are rather ‘personal’and maybe a bit selfish, I have also decided to do this journey to raise money for a charity that I want to support. More to come on this very soon…!

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