charity marathon special effect

Running for a cause: SpecialEffect

A couple of weeks ago, as I was scrolling my LinkedIn timeline, I saw a post from Nick, fundraiser for SpecialEffect, about building a team of 100 runners dressed as video game characters for the London 10K taking place on July 9th.

I had already registered for the race, but I got in touch to know if I could join the team, as I have been following SpecialEffect for a while now and I have always wanted to help them. I was actually about to contact them to know if I could volunteer in one way or another, so having the opportunity to run for them was just perfect!

As I mentioned on previous posts, running a marathon is going to be a big challenge for me, and I am ready for a year of dedication and commitment. Since I started this journey, I knew I wanted to find a charity to whom I could dedicate the time and energy I would give to this training, and SpecialEffect was a very easy choice!


  • I owe a lot to video games: My career of course, a lot of amazing friends and colleagues, but also years of adventure, learning, exploration, fun, emotions and experiences (both real and virtual).
  • Unfortunately, most games and tech in general are not accessible to everyone, and this is where SpecialEffect enters in the game.
  • SpecialEffect moto is: ‘We put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games’. They enable severely disabled people to use computers in any way possible – using whichever part(s) of their body that work best – by adapting technology to their individual needs.
  • They strongly believe (and I do to!) that technology and games can hugely benefit rehabilitation, mental wellbeing, self-esteem and quality of life. And bring much needed FUN!
  • SpecialEffect is a small charity who just helps people and doesn’t charge anyone or sell anything. That is why each donation, large or small, really does count :-)

I had some second thoughts about creating a donation page, as I don’t feel comfortable with money-related topics, but this is a one-in-a-lifetime occasion as I don’t think I will run a marathon every year, and SpecialEffect is an amazing charity that deserves that I get out of my comfort zone, both for the donation page and the running :-)
So… if you want to follow and support me in this journey, you can make a small donation on this page:

I really invite you to also follow Special Effect, so feel free to visit their website, Twitter, or Instagram pages!

As I mentioned on the donation page, I am not getting anything for it, I am just a gamer and tech lover, lucky to have full physical abilities, and although I am not an athlete or a fast runner, I want to use my legs to allow more kids and big kids to play, learn, create and have fun through games :-)

charity marathon special effect

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